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Epilogue for District One’s Story

"Except that plan is absolute shit!"

All three heads snapped up and Logan quickly slammed his foot on the brakes, mouth hanging open in shock. 

Now, they all knew that fighting zombies and being surrounded by undead sludge could do things to a man. They also knew that having your entire family killed and the rest of the country hot on your ass (apparently sexuality was invalid for brain eaters ‘cause there were a number of times Logan could’ve sworn that a few had copped a feel) could make you rethink your priorities. 

But in all honestly, what they saw before them was the last thing they would’ve expected. 

To put it short, Reed Van Kamp had turned into Rambo. 

His normally angelic face was smeared with what seemed to be coal dust, and there were a few hints of green camouflage along his upper brow. His brown eyes were no longer innocent (with good reason), instead practically murderous and his hair, oh god, his hair.

His mother would’ve screamed in horror. 

What surprised the trio the most, however, was that Reed was draped from head to toe in weapons and ammo. 

Across his chest were bullets, a machine gun clinged to his back, his forehead held a red headband Sylvester Stalone worthy, and in his hands were a sniper rifle and a rather heavy looking MP-40. How he managed to still be standing was beyond them. 

Still, Reed looked badass

Charlie was the first to react, scrambling out of the car and calling out, “Reed! Oh my god, you’re alive!” As he ran over to the former Windsor, Logan and Justin continued to stare. They couldn’t believe it. 

"Wow, this really is the fucking apocalypse, isn’t it," Justin muttered, Logan nodding reluctantly. 

"Apparently so." 

Charlie reached Reed, ready to embrace him until he was pushed back by the back of a rifle. Stepping backwards with a short ‘oomf’, he rubbed his stomach, giving Reed a questioning look. 


"So what have you fucked up versions of the Powerpuff Girls done lately," Reed snapped irritably, merely side stepping Charlie’s attempts at greeting a bro, "besides make a mess?" 

Logan got out of the car as did Justin as they heard this, both raising eyebrows. 

"Excuse me?" The blond said with a warning tone, the lack of coffee ready to send him over the edge, and the cherub gone hardass wasn’t exactly helping that. 

Reed looked up fearlessly, his eyes red rimmed and his nose the same color of his headband. He had obviously been crying, and Justin nearly sighed in relief to know that Reed was just trying to hold himself together. 

That is until he wiped the red off. 

'Oh wonderful, that's blood.' 

Glaring at Logan, Reed, turned around, beginning to head back down the road. 

"You’re all idiots," he called out over his shoulder, the boys following him, "because the only thing we need to do is head north to Canada. That’s where it’s safe, according to the game’s manual." 

Charlie, Justin, and Logan all froze.

When Reed no longer heard footsteps, he turned around, blinking with a newfound curiosity. 

"Guys, he didn’t tell you?"

They continued to stare at Reed in shock, asking for an explanation. Logan growled, turning around and pinching the bridge of his nose, exhaling in repressed anger, “Who didn’t tell us what?”

Reed swallowed nervously, a weak smile appearing on his lips. 

Charlie advanced slowly, narrowing his eyes, “Reed…”

Reed cleared his throat, dropping his guns and wringing his hands together. Laughing in slight panic, he stopped wringing his hands and instead rubbed his arm. 

Charlie squeezed his eyes shut, putting his hands together in a silent prayer, “Reed, do not tell me this is—”

"Well… Han said he wanted you all to test out his new virtual reality console—”


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