none of us were angels;

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Theme: Post-apocalyptic
Genre: Humor
Characters/Pairings: The three Dalton Prefects – Charlie Amos of Windsor House, Justin Bancroft of Hanover House and John Logan Wright III of Stuart House. Charlie/Bat, Logan/Coffee, Logan/French fries and Charlie/Justin
Warnings: Slight gore and language and implied (sort of) sexual situations, plus slight suspension of belief. It’s zombies, okay?
Rating: R for violence, gore and language. Oh these boys’ filthy mouths when you get them out of Dalton.

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posted 16 Apr 2012 @ 05:38
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  5. insideimgoingcrazy said: zombies. action. gore. swearing. it’s like this was written for me. this is basically my favorite things+one of my favorite fanfic authors.
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